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The Florida Man Story


"Boris Quinn" is the current Chairman of the Palm Beach County Students' Association (PBCSA) and all but runs a school around West Palm Beach. He lives in a relatively rural area. Affable, generally nice guy. Good friends with Herb and Robert. He has a girlfriend named Kate. He has an interest in political science. He was relatively unknown until the Incident that was published in Florida Man Daily. He's in good shape but was never into organized sports, prefering street fighting. Few know his real name. Drives a 2017 F-150 taken from one of the school board members that had second thoughts about him. Outright astounded that I have gotten as much mileage that I have with creating a kind of a lore out of a Florida Man joke. When he's not running a school, he can usually be easily found on Steam.


Herbert Baugh's life can be summed up with that one song from Beverly Hills Cop. While people know he runs this operation, no one knows he runs the school's meme page that a significant amount of the students follow. People do know he has a freelance YouTube channel where he uploads 2d animated videos loosely based upon real life events. He has an interest in computer science. Both of his parents abandoned him when he was young so he was raised by his uncle Nate, who took great care to make sure he wouldn't turn into his parents. He has a thing for the 1980s aesthetic despite being born over 20 years too late.


Mike is a lovely guy. He is a high school senior interested in criminal justice and plans to go either into the police force of one of the three-letter agencies. He drives a featureless white van, giving him the impression of a creep. He's not, and he's kind of sad because of this. His van can, and in all likelihood is, modified with surveillance equipment (some are certain he has it based off wifi and cell interference whenever they walk within 20 feet of it). Everyone kind of wonders what dirt he has on them, even Boris can't help it. He listens exclusively to the Free Bird solo and Axel F.


Robert Johnson may or may not be a literal plant. His senior picture was a fern and nobody knows why. Not him, not the yearbook people, not the PBCSA, nobody. And he's never around, so there's no way of knowing. Was known as the quiet kid when he was at the school, so he was a plant as far as they were concerned. Taking advantage of this, he once Ferris Buellered his way out of a month and a half of school sophomore year by having Dave carry around a flower pot and said it was Rob. They went with it for a surprisingly long time. When he finally got caught, he fled to "the mountains". He claims to be living in an underground survival bunker in the mountains "waiting for it to hit the fan." Obviously, he telecommutes.

How have I gotten so much lore out of that Boris Florida Man joke? Not complaining as long as it keeps coming, but still...