Palm Beach County Students Association

What people have to say

"It's amazing what we can do when we organize to fight for what we want. No way we could've done any of this before. I am glad I joined." - Robert James, member since October 2019

"It's very interesting to see what the students can do when they organize and become sort of a part of the political process, albeit in a strange way." - Mr. Holland, civics/economics teacher

"When they gave me my emergency powers, I realized a lot of us are complaining about this place, so some way for us to organize would be the only way anyone would care. Now here we are." - Boris Quinn, General Secretary

"I was surprised it went as long as it did. Surely thought it would fizzle out or get revoked by the board or whoever gave the powers to him when he announced what he would do. They can't handle any threat to their power. We are the Molotov through the window of this place. Metaphorically, of course." - Dave Romano, member since December 2019

The upward mobility is fantastic. Three days after I formally joined, the chief of staff transferred to another school and I'm it for now. Think he's spreading the revolution now." - Kate Woodward, Acting Chief of Staff