Palm Beach County Students Association

The Movement - What We're All About

We understand the purpose of schools are to educate and that's the main focus of all our activities here. However: is it too much to ask to have a decent quality of life in the accomplishment of this? There's an eternal struggle between the educators and the studentry that is weighted 99.4% in their favor. But they are not 99.4% of the people. If we had to guess they're no more than 20%. We could storm the offices of the administrators and seized power if we wanted to. I wonder how many laws that would break, though. Probably a lot.

I suppose we could have done a... general strike. I suppose we could've storm the principal and superintendent's offices. But no. Apparently all it took was one student to dress like a dictator and now he has all these powers. Not that he hasn't done a good job with them, but just walking in and the school board unconditionally surrendering was a bit anticlimactic. I envisioned more of a power struggle, we all did. When in power, we held a town hall to see what you people wanted at the time, and here it is:

Also, some odds and ends stuff:

Our hope is that these measures will improve the student experience while preserving the ability to learn, as that's why we're here.

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